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Earl Sweatshirt Makes Boiler Room Debut In LA

Though it’s safe to say we’re very familiar with his work as Earl Sweatshirt, last month the now-22-year-old rapper adopted a new moniker, Earl Fletcher, which he DJed under for the first time at a Boiler Room event sponsored by GoPro. The footage has just surfaced, and it’s pretty FOMO-inducing.

Held at Odd Future signees Trash Talk’s Skate Shop in LA (check their set here), the little over an hour long set gets covered at a number of angles around the shop – from the bowl on the roof, to running through the crowd, and in true Boiler Room style, right in front of the DJ (no awkward crowds behind Earl for the most part though). His track choices are pretty much what you’d expect if you’ve been listening to any of his latest releases. He jumps from classic soul, to Lil Wayne, to super down-tempo instrumentals, and then to Lil B. It’s a mix of fun and interesting, but the crowd is glued to the floor pretty far back, recording on their phones before Earl asks around the 26 minute for them to get around it. Get around it yourself below:

Since his career really took off back in 2010, at the tender age of 16, Earl’s shown the world that he’s a super versatile musical mind. Making beats, rapping, and now jumping behind the decks, it’ll be exciting to see what shows he plays next under Earl Fletcher, and how this changes his other work.

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Photo: Boiler Room