Donald Trump

This Guy Got A Huge Donald Trump Tattoo For A Year Of Free Concert Tickets

The U.S presidential election has had some pretty harsh and divisive battle lines drawn up over so many issues, that by the time the actual general election comes around, it won’t be a surprise if it ends up being decided by a tag team no-holds-barred-tag-team wrestling match on an oil rig off the Mexican Coast between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Luckily, one man is stepping up to bring some inspired ‘no fucks were given’ sensibility to the whole mess.

According to Billboard, in news that should surprise absolutely no one, Arizona native Travis Gaardner had his rear end made the canvas for a giant stamp of Republican Presidential nominee front runner, Donald Drumpf Trump, to win free tickets to country music concerts for a year.

No, really.

It was a contest run by the ‘The Ben and Matt Show’, on Phoenix radio station KNIX-FM. What’s even more astounding (or not) is that this isn’t even the first instance of someone desiccating a part of their body with Trump’s perpetually plagued-with-minor-constipation face.

Billboard goes further, with the man saying he really wanted those free tickets, deformity of his ass be damned. He admitted that “the only reason why I did it was for the concert tickets,” adding, “Any of ’em would do for me. I just like music.” Certainly there will be no questioning his love of music after this effort. If only the remaining nominees could say the same for themselves.

Despite the obvious assumptions, Travis is not a Trump supporter, nor does he himself parading his new piece of art at any rallies, citing the violence that’s marred these events

This glorious time lapse video shows the creation of what should be the official logo of Trump’s campaign.

The show also called Travis’s mother to let her know of the ‘Trump Stamp’ and she took the news a lot better than her son was expecting.