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Deftones Confirm They Will Be Touring Australia

After the cancellation of Soundwave this year, Deftones fans were left wondering if they would get to see the band any time soon.

Fortunately it’s good news as keyboardist Frank Delgado has declared the band will “ most definitely” be touring Australia to promote their 8th studio record Gore.

The dates are still to be confirmed but Delgado said, “I think there’s not an album cycle that would go by where we would not be touring Australia,” when he was interviewed by Music Feeds.

“Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. But we’ll most definitely make our way there.”

Delgado was scarce on the details but he went on to explain that the band would be open to playing any type of show, be it a festival or headline shows, just as long as they were in Australia.

He also discussed the cancellation of Soundwave and how it came as a complete surpise to the band along with their fans.

“I just knew that we had it on the books and then it was gone! Shit like that happens in this business so we just recoup and go to plan B.”

The details of Plan B have yet to be fully revealed but fans can now rest easy knowing that Deftones will be coming to Australia soon.

Meanwhile, the Californian band’s eighth studio album is scheduled for release on 8th April. Speaking to Kerrang magazine recently front man Chino Moreno explained the reasons behind the title of the album and what to expect from the new album.

“I think we have always flirted with dynamic and that yin-and-yang of things that are provocative and things that are beautiful. Where our last two album titles were a lot more optimistic, I think this title is intentionally different. This record is very different.”

Image: Wrif