Death Grips Share Really Weird, 32-Minute Long Video

Remember when Death Grips broke up? And then remember when they released a whole album after that announcement? And a tour? Do you remember when we could trust bands and what they tell us, instead of trolling us all and not giving one fuck? Forgive me if I sound a bit overdramatic, but I am just still so confused as to what the hell Death Grips are up to, and their latest move doesn’t help one bit.

Sharing a new video today titled Interview 2016, Death Grips fans are left still scratching their heads. The 32 minute long clip is as bizarre as they come, and that’s saying something for these guys. Known to do whatever the hell they want, there is unsurprisingly not much known about whatever this clip is. As Pitchfork points out, it features amateur footage of the band jamming and hanging out with TV host Matthew Hoffman – but whatever audio there was for this has been replaced with eerie instrumental music. Check it out for yourself below:

Death Grips are said to be planning a new album titled Bottomless Pit, and whilst this video gives no indication whatsoever as to what is happening with that record, it does kind of show that the band are at least together and making something. That’s what counts, right? I don’t even know how to feel anymore.

Image: Pitchfork