Ever Wondered What Death Grips Would Sound Like As Elevator Music?

Death Grips‘ fiery brand of hip-hop is pretty much the polar opposite of calm and soothing. Adding to an already formidable canon of bizarre user made mashups, one Reddit user has set the vocals of Death Grips’ MC Ride to computer generated muzak.

Microsoft Songsmith is a program which generates feel-good musical accompaniments to match a singer’s voice.

Considering the software’s potential, it seems like it was only a matter of time before someone started feeding through the work of famous vocalists. Now one adventurous Death Grips fan has gone as far as created a full-length LP titled Elevator Grips.

Sounding like a spontaneous Garage Band midi jam, not even Ride’s primal aggression can save his vocals from the cheesy feel of the album’s upbeat arrangements.

There’s something a little unsettling about hearing Death Grips’s profanities over the top of what sounds like a midi arrangement of The Monster Mash, but I Want It I Need It is exactly that. If that’s not to the listener’s taste the jazz-Carribean fusion of Artificial Death in the West might be more appealing.Unsettling, yet oddly addictive.

With next Grips LP Bottomless Pit still far on the horizon, Elevator Grips provides a novel alternative for hungry fans.

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