WATCH: David Gilmour Performs “Wish You Were Here” On First US TV Appearance In 10 Years

David Gilmour, of legendary prog band Pink Floyd, took to Jimmy Kimmel’s late night talk show this week to play what was his first American TV performance in a decade.

Gilmour was on the show to promote his upcoming solo album Rattle That Lock, which came out in September last year. Gilmour performed the stunning Pink Floyd classic Wish You Were Here, as well as the title track to his new album.

If you’re anything like me (aka a massive Pink Floyd fan with multiple copies of this album on vinyl,) this incredible rendition will send shivers up your spine and back down again. Performed with essentially the same instrumentation as the original – two acoustic guitars, backed by keys, bass and drums, it’s a gorgeous rendition of the timeless track.

Easily one of the most important, iconic songs of their career, it’s a real treat to hear a fresh version.

Originally written (as was the whole Wish You Wee Here album mostly in response to the death of Syd Barrett, it’s intimate and heartbreaking on musical and thematic levels. A full forty years after this song was first released, it’s amazing how much this song still resonates with us today.

Image: Youtube / Jimmy Kimmel Live