Singer Chris Brown arrives at the 55th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California in this February 10, 2013 file photo. 

Brown, on probation for punching and beating his former girlfriend, was charged on June 25, 2013 with a hit-and-run and driving without a valid license in connection with a May 21 traffic accident in Los Angeles. 


Top Bloke Chris Brown Doesn’t Care About Fans Getting Shot At His Shows

We all know how much of a class act Chris Brown is, so it should come as little surprise that he has very little care for the welfare of his fans when they attend his shows – even when they’re shot during one of them.

A year ago, Paul Briley was shot when a fight broke out a Chris Brown show at the Fiesta Nightclub in San Jose. The fight resulted in gunshots at around 1.30 am, leaving five people injured. In his lawsuit, Briley blames Brown for his injury, stating that he had inadequate security. Though generally an issue for security and promoters rather than performers, Briley argues that due to previous shootings and stabbings at other Chris Brown shows, he attracts violence and should therefore be held responsible.

In 2014, a fight broke out following a performance by Brown at Drake/Lil Wayne after party, during which one person was stabbed. That same year, there was another shooting, during which Suge Knight was shot twice, at a VMA afterparty hosted at the 1OAK nightclub in West Hollywood by Brown.

TMZ report that Brown has now commented that it isn’t his responsibility to protect patrons. No, it’s the club’s fault.

He also added that it’s unfair to say there have been two shootings at his events because the 1OAK incident took place at an event where he was a host, not one of his own concerts. MTV, however, have since claimed that the event was indeed Brown’s party and not theirs. He’s asked that Briley’s suit against him be thrown out by the judge.

Look – while we’re hardly claiming Chris Brown puts guns in people’s hands, literally incites violence, or that all of his fans are necessarily violent, it’s ludicrous for him to deny any connection or sense of responsibility for these events.

When the lawsuit was made public last year, Brown’s publicist said in a statement, “It is a poor reflection of our society that violence is so prevalent and it is always a tragedy when someone is physically harmed. However, this is a completely frivolous lawsuit. We expect that the case will be dismissed and in the future, to avoid these recurring meritless lawsuits directed at Chris Brown, we plan to seek damages from all parties and their lawyers.”

Briley’s suit against Brown is one of two currently underway, with Liziane Gutierrez bringing one of battery, theft and defamation against the singer for an incident that took place in a Las Vegas nightclub earlier this year. Gutierrez reported to police that Brown had struck her in the eye after she brought a cell phone (which was also taken from her) into a party hosted by the singer. Brown later posted a video to Instagram accusing Gutierrez of looking for a payday and considered suing her for defamation.

Image: Metro