Beyoncé Performs At Daughter’s School For Fundraiser

I would beg my parents NOT to attend school fundraisers, for fear that their penchant for humiliating my sister and I would prove too strong and they would (once again) ruin our lives with their obviously-not-funny jokes. They never, ever listened to us and would do it anyway, and so we would spend a lot of our child and teenage years on damage control trying to make everyone forget about that one thing my dad said that made me cry with shame.

Four-year-old Blue Ivy Carter may have had a slightly less traumatic experience this weekend, as her mum turned up to sing a few songs for the school fundraiser. She might not have minded so much because her mum is Beyoncé. THE Beyoncé. No embarrassing dad jokes for Blue, just four hit songs in a whirlwind performance.

Performing Single LadiesCrazy In LoveXO and Whitney Houston‘s I Will Always Love You, this elementary school fundraiser is going to go down in our books at least as the best fundraiser ever. Complete with backup dancers, Queen B slayed from start to finish, as is to be expected. And, thanks to those in attendance probably losing their fucking shit as this happened, most of it has been filmed and put up online for the rest of us to enjoy. Check out the fan footage below, and start resenting your parents for their poor attempt at school involvement. Yes dad, you may have brought the house down with the story about how you drove away from me in the carpark, but did you cover I Will Always Love You like this?


Then this happened!!!! Beyoncé singing some Whitney!!!! #WTF #awesome #hollywoodstyle 3/5/16 #wow

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Beyoncé performing at an Elementary School Gala tonight in LA

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Image: Pedestrian TV