Beliebers Paid $2000 To Meet a Cardboard Cut Out

For many, meeting a celebrity idol is a life-defining moment. But in the world of pop music it’s also lucrative business. Having set the price of a simple handshake and photo at $2000, Justin Bieber was intent on pushing the cost of meet and greets to ever greater heights.

But that all changed last week when the Canadian singer published an Instagram post outlining his decision to discontinue the practice.

As we reported last week, the singer stated that that he enjoyed meeting fans but found the experience “draining.” “Never want to disappoint but I feel I would rather give you guys the show and my albums as promised,” he shared.

But those who already booked a meeting have been left in the lurch. Fans who coughed up the fee to meet the singer on the Las Vegas leg of his Purpose world tour were left empty handed. Further adding insult to injury fans were given the option of greeting a poorly conceived alternative: A life sized cut out of the pop star.

Understandably, fans were not pleased. Clearly the promise of an album and show didn’t cut it for those who had thrown $2000 down the drain. The Daily Mail has since reported that other devastated fans who purchased deluxe tickets will be offered a refund. However, the replacement ticket offered will require fans to forfeit the prime ‘pit’ position they had enjoyed with the original package. With similar tickets costing up to four times as much, it looks like it’s a no win for the hard done by Beliebers.

The Canadian star has yet to address his discontented fans.

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