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A$AP Rocky & Tyler, the Creator Freestyle Surfaces

Awwwwhhhhhhh shit could these dudes get any cooler?

A new freestyle session has surfaced from dream team A$AP Rocky and Tyler, the Creator that was recorded during A$AP’s recent appearance on Tyler’s Golf Radio. Previously only available on the Golf Media App, the cruisy vibes on this recording demonstrate Rocky and Tyler’s chemistry as they seamlessly swap verses over a mellow beat.

“Fuck you mean I’m high as shit? Fuck you mean you fly as this?”

The majority of their conversation was posted on YouTube earlier in March including A$AP’s impressively accurate imitation of Tyler’s deep voice.

A$AP also recently featured in the video for Tyler’s hectic What The Fuck Right Now where he goes completely nuts over Kanye West‘s Freestyle 4 from The Life of Pablo. Supposedly the product of boredom, the song and video are both wild and hilarious and the whole time we’re thinking we wish they would get bored more often.

Highlights include everyone screaming at 1:15 and Jasper doing a back flip.

We’re hoping (and praying) this partnership might lead to them releasing some songs together or even a whole album for us to lose our collective shit over.

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Image: Okay Player