The Eric Andre Show

Watch Danny Brown and ASAP Rocky Freestyle Rap While Completing An Obstacle Course

Danny Brown and A$AP Rocky are both set to appear on Rapper Warrior Ninja, a skit from the upcoming fourth season of The Eric Andre Show.

Over in Austin, SXSW is currently taking place, and among the many musical showcases, films, interactive media, conferences and more, a sneak peak of the upcoming segment was premiered by Andre and Hannibal Buress.

Rapper Warrior Ninja, which is a loose spoof of the popular show American Ninja Warrior, shows A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown blindfolded, and told to freestyle rap while they attempt to navigate a range of obstacles. The two rappers face the perils of trying to balance across a plank suspended above mousetraps, while having balls thrown at them and then attempting to somehow get around “The Snake Pit”, which is a kiddie pool filled with water and one very real looking snake. Oh and at some point a random guy in an American Gladiator costume comes out and smacks them with a foam lance, all the while Andre and Hannibal yell at them to keep rapping.

Needless to say, the two rappers don’t fair very well, both predictably stacking it fairly hard, with Danny Brown absolutely finding himself in the pool with the snake.