Ariana Grande Officially Releases New Song ‘Be Alright’

Pop powerhouse Ariana Grande has finally officially released her new single Be Alright, after performing it live during her stint as host/performer on Saturday Night Live. It’s the second single off her highly anticipated new album Dangerous Woman. The singer announced its release on Instagram:

The song starts off his with Grande’s typically honeysuckle-and-dulcet tones caressing our eardrums, before graduating into a more EDM-infused beat – a new and refreshing sound for the firmly pop-orientated artist.

The song is now available for purchase on iTunes, along with Dangerous Woman, which is set for release on May 20. Interestingly enough though, Focus doesn’t seem to make an appearance on the track listing, despite rocketing to the top of charts everywhere.

In a live Q&A interview back in February, Grande said that the new album was representative of the all the development she had experienced in her life as of late.

“I feel like my personal growth is reflected in the sound. I’m really proud of it… To me, a dangerous woman is someone who’s not afraid to take a stand, be herself and to be honest.”

Image: Billboard