Prepare Your Ears, Adele Will Headline Glastonbury 2016

Hello singer and pop icon Adele has been announced as the headline act for this year’s Glastonbury Festival. Perhaps a safer bet than last year’s headliner, Kanye West, the announcement has already drawn criticism.

I’m not exactly sure who in their right mind would think Adele is too “boring” to headline the massive festival, but the singer addressed those people after announcing a recent gig at her London show at O2 Arena.

“I wanted to do it last year but my record wasn’t ready. And to the people who say I am too boring to headline, you’re more fucking boring for moaning about me headlining.”

If you are one of these people, please go and watch her SNL performance from last November. You can’t deny her glorious stage presence.

It seems that the tides have changed, considering that last year she commented that she’d be too afraid to headline such a big event. “The crowds are too big – I don’t know if I could do it,” she stated. “I went this year to watch Kanye and I literally just crapped my pants on the size of the audience. It was pretty insane.”

She has mentioned her anxiety in regards to performing in an interview with Q Magazine back in 2011, saying “I will not do festivals. The thought of an audience that big frightens the life out of me. I don’t think the music would work either. It’s all too slow.”

“I’d hate to book a festival and have a fucking anxiety attack and then not go on stage, do you know what I mean?” she continued.

Fortunately, she soon realised she’s Adele, confidently made the decision to slay the stage on Saturday. Friday and Sunday will be occupied by other headliners Muse and Coldplay.

We are still waiting on the rest of the lineup to be confirmed, but we do know that PJ Harvey and Jeff Lynne’s ELO will make an appearance, as will David Bowie in the form of an archive video of his 2000 headlining set, which featured the performance of Heroes shown below.

More details on the lineup are soon to come. Catch the festival on the final weekend in June (22-26) in Pilton, England.

Image: Billboard