Action Bronson Interviews Phil Collins, Curry Discussed

At first glance there might not seem to be a lot of common ground between New York chef turned rapper Action Bronson and legendary rock drummer Phil Collins. But as it turns out Bronson is a bit of a fan, having sampled beats from the ex-Genesis frontman on tracks Another Day In Paradise and Sussudio from 2012 LP Blue Chips 2. Bronson also grooved along to Collins’ Easy Lover in an episode of his food-travel show Fuck, That’s Delicious.

It’s also now come to light that the pair also share an affinity for Indian food, thanks to an artist-on-artist interview for Stereogum.

Both avid food enthusiasts, the pair shared their thoughts on the best New York and London cuisine. Collins even imparted some reflective thoughts on the state of Indian food in America as a whole. “The Indian food in this country has changed a lot, because they just don’t like spices so much in this country,” he mused. It seems the drummer also held London-based Indian chefs in higher regard. “If I ask for a vindaloo, it’s going to come like I expect it, you know?” Bronson was quick to agree, “You want that vindaloo to be extremely simmering.”

Another key point of discussion was the analysis of Genesis and Phil Collins music by Patrick Bateman in author Bret Easton Ellis’ American Psycho.

“We were all sent the book, and at the time I kind of thought, that’s just what we need, another serial killer movie. But I didn’t read the book. I was living in Switzerland, and someone said to me, ‘Have you seen American Psycho? You’ve got to go see it because they do lots of things to your music…’ So I watched it and I kind of enjoyed the film, and I have to watch it again to see if I was offended or not,” Collins revealed.

It also seemed like Collins, who has largely retreated from the world of music over the last few years, wasn’t across the board on Bronson’s own musical output. “So you write?” Collins asked, following up with further questions about whether the rapper had a band.

Still Bronson had nothing but high praise for Collins work, describing it as “music that is literally a perfect bed for anything! It’s good to be rapped, sang beautifully by a songbird, whatever. It’s timeless stuff.”

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Image: Stereogum