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Watch This Supercut Of Action Bronson As A 90s Wrestler

When someone says the words “Action Bronson“, there are usually three things that come to mind: His rap career (obviously), his VICE web series turned actual TV series ‘Fuck That’s Delicious’, and the countless videos and recounts of him getting very physical at his live shows. In the 90s hey-days of the WWE, Bronson would have no doubt made a guest appearance on the show – it’s just a shame that we’ll never be able to see that. Or will we?

French publication SURL Magazine has just released a supercut of oldschool wrestling footage up against punter-shot video of Bronson decking dudes with a classy VCR-style filter, over his own music. It works so well it’s not funny, but really the video is legit hilarious. Make sure you check it out below:

It times out pretty perfectly with Bronson’s Australian tour, which kicks off in just a few weeks. Australian moshes can get pretty rowdy, so maybe we’ll see an update to the supercut in a few weeks with Bam Bam beating up Down Under? Only time will tell, but it’ll be much better to watch in person, and luckily there are still tickets available. Check it out below, jump on tickets here, and keep it locked here for all Bronson related stories.

Action Bronson Tour Dates

Monday March 7: Villa Nightclub, Perth
Thurs March 10: The Met, Brisbane
Sunday March 13: Enmore Theatre, Sydney
Tues March 15: The Forum, Melbourne

Image: SURL Magazine