360 Launches Mental Health Organisation “The 180 Movement”

In January this year, rapper 360 released an emotional song via his Facebook. The song was titled I’m Sorry, and detailed the rapper’s personal struggle with an addiction to pain killers and his mental health issues.

It was because of these issues that 360 was forced to cancel the rest of his tour. It might have come as a shock to a lot of fans, friends, and his family, but the video opened a forum for those also struggling with addiction to share their own experiences

Over the weekend, the rapper released another video to announce the launch of The 180 Movement, a non-profit organisation that “exists for the core purpose of supporting, creating awareness, and advocating for those who are suffering with issues surrounding mental health and addiction.”

 It is 360’s way of saying thank you to everyone who supported him through this struggle and hopefully he is able to support anyone who needs it with this movement.

“[There were] so many comments of people saying they’re going through something so similar, basically exactly the same, but they’re also not telling anyone about it,” he said.

The organisation was started with mental health advocate and friend James Kennedy and is a way of starting important conversations surrounding mental illness and addiction.

“If you feel like your life is heading in a direction that you’re not really happy with, we can help you find a solution to turn it around,” he said. “We want to create healthy conversation and action around mental health, addiction and other issues in society that aren’t openly discussed. That’s the movement. We want to move as many people away from suffering in silence and provide solutions to help them with their problems.”

It is beyond amazing to see the hip-hop community worldwide, and by extension the music community as a whole, is getting behind the silent killer of mental health and addiction. We have seen it too many times to ignore the facts. 360 wasn’t the only one to cancel tour shows due to mental illness and addiction; last year Glaswegian producer Rustie announced he will be going on an indefinite break, due to “addiction and mental health problems.”

Kendrick Lamar opened up about his depression and suicidal thoughts. We have also seen Earl Sweatshirt and Kid Cudi bare their souls through their music. National Youth Mental Health Foundation Headspace held a charity concert called: Hip-Hop: A United Front. There are, unfortunately, countless more examples the community is in need of more organisations like this one from 360.

Kennedy and 360 plan to take The 180 Movement around Australia this year, heading to communities around the country to help people out. At the moment, he’s simply asking that people go and like the Facebook page.

Anyone requiring help or information on mental health can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636.

Image: YouTube