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Youth Lagoon Calls It Quits

Trevor Powers has announced his dreamy indie pop project Youth Lagoon will be coming to an end following upcoming European and US tours.

The news came unexpectedly from a lengthy Twitter statement released earlier today.

Stoically referring as 2011’s The Year of Hibernation, 2013’s  Wonderous Bughouse and 2015’s Savage Hills Ballroom as a ‘transitional trilogy,’ Powers noted that the albums “occupy a certain isolated & solitary spectrum” and that they were “a space I no longer inhabit, nor want to inhabit.”

While Youth Lagoon has long served as a highly personal creative outlet for Powers, it seems that the project has run its course. The producer expressed feelings of tension and restriction about the project. “I’ve reached the top of a mountain, only to then be able to see a much larger one I want to ascend,” Powers revealed. “It’s odd to realize that something you’ve created can have the power of wrapping a leash around your neck & holding you hostage.”

Despite retiring the Youth Lagoon alias the Idaho producer assured fans that he still had much to say and that his life as a musician was far from over. “This is far from the end of my undertakings / it is the beginning” he concluded.

Powers’ final performance as Youth Lagoon is slated for London’s Field Day on June 11th.

Read Power’s full statement below.

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