Wu-Tang Clan Vow To End Sydney Lockout Laws

Doing more for the political debate than any of New South Wales’ politicians, Wu-Tang Clan has vowed to put an end to the lockout laws that are plaguing Sydney.

Taking to the stage at the Hordern Pavilion (because Allphones Arena was too remote for fans), Wu-Tang ensured that concertgoers were aware of the legendary rap group’s distaste for the restrictive legislation.

“We heard ya’ll got some new laws,” declared Wu-Tang frontman RZA. “We going to to get these laws changed for y’all.”

Declaring the laws “crazy”, RZA indicated that the after-party for the concert would be held in Bondi as a means of avoiding the madness.

For a group that is touring Australia for the first time in 5 years, it speaks to the ridiculousness of the lockout laws that Wu-Tang is so acutely aware of their presence.

Lockout laws have been thrust back into the spotlight in recent weeks, with ridiculous lockout legislation being enacted in Queensland (peep our epic reaction to the decision here), whilst 15,000 Sydneysiders have united in a bid to ‘Keep Sydney Open‘ (Peep our photos from the rally here).

It remains to be seen if Wu-Tang, RZA, Ghostface Killah and crew are going to have any influence on the legislation, but one can only imagine that with continued high profile support present within the live music scene, it is only a matter of time for politicians to take notice, and for changes to be made.

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Image: Michelle Grace Hunder for Howl & Echoes