Weekly Video Roundup

It’s video roundup time! Once again, Howl And Echoes are coming in hot with the freshest, most eyeball stimulating music videos to be dropped by the artists you love and some of the artists you don’t know you love yet, of this week. We do all the dirty work and herd them all into one convenient web-based location for you to enjoy every Friday so that you don’t have to. Have yourself a good old gander at the latest offerings from:

TOKiMONSTA – Put It Down (ft. Anderson .Paak and KRNE)

First up is LA producer TOKiMONSTA, who has recruited a couple of big names for her latest. Put It Down features recent Aftermath Records signee Anderson .Paak providing some croons and tag teams the production duties with fellow Californian KRNE for a West Coast extravaganza. The track is the latest single in the lead up to her mini-album Fovere, due out in just a fortnight. It’s a banger alright, the drop before the chorus just superb. It’s hip-hop and electronic combined to perfection.

Red and black is the motif the music video has gone with, full of confronting visuals (the milk squirting out of that one guy’s nose made me feel so very uncomfortable), and watching .Paak get thrown around the dark room he’s dancing in by some unseen force every chorus is some wonderful unintentional comedy.

Fovere is out March 4th on Young Art Records.

MOSSY – Electric Chair

A brand new name for one of the best labels in Australia right now, I Oh You, is Sydney producer MOSSY and his debut single Electric Chair. Crafted in a basement in New York City’s Lower East Side, the track is as auspicious a debut as it gets. As someone who appreciates electronic music but leans more towards rock and roll, I absolutely relish hearing producers mixing in big guitars with their synths and MOSSY has done an outstanding job of it here. It’s a twisting, crooked track, anchored by psychedelic vocals, dreamy synths and yes, those big guitars at the end that are just the cherry on top.

Music video is creepy as hell too; a dark and dusty cave, a ballerina dancing with a skeleton in an empty palace and a gloomy forest. It’s a modern interpretation of the Ancient Greek myth of Narcissus and Echo. There’s a tarantula too because of course. The whole shebang is an auditory and visual experience and it looks like I Oh You have struck even more gold here.

MOSSY releases his debut self-titled EP May 13th on I Oh You.

Hoodlem – Kintsugi

Just shy of releasing their debut EP, Melbourne-based duo Hoodlem have released a haunting video to accompany their latest single Kintsugi this week. Slick beats and a molasses-thick bassline drive the track along with some cavernous vocals.

Shot in black and white and directed by David Ward, the accompanying video looks like the kind that to watch will ensure a horrible death after seven days. The title of the song refers to the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold dust and the lyrics and video draw focus on this quite heavily. Despite its utter creepiness, it’s still visually stunning with lashings of gold cutting through the monochrome.

Hoodlem’s debut EP is out March 25th via Caroline Australia

Fait – Chasing Youth

On to Perth and a superbly talented young woman by the name of Elise Higgins, known more commonly as Fait and her latest single Chasing Youth. Currently in London in the process of creating her next record, Fait released the visuals to this breathtaking track all about (obviously) chasing, and capturing, youth.

The song is a multilayered soundscape, moody and atmospheric and uplifting and joyous all at once, the timing and placement of each instrument creating a song able to convey so many emotions without ever saying a word. The video is a heartwarmer, dappled in afternoon sunshine, the adult protagonist capturing that elusive youth we’re all chasing and spending it swinging in tyres and dancing around sprinklers among other activities most of us consider ourselves too old for.

Look out for a new record from Fait in mid-2016.

Loose Tooth – Bites Will Bleed

Announcing their debut EP Saturn Returns earlier this week, Melbourne trio Loose Tooth marked the occasion by also releasing a brand new single from said EP, the punchy Bites Will Bleed. With riffs that are straight power pop with the feel of a musty garage and a shitbox amp, the track chugs along guided by the ethereal vocals of singer/drummer (boy do I have respect for anyone who can do that) Etta Curry and is some wonderful noise.

The video is centred around a house party that starts out innocently enough with toilet hook-ups and spin the bottle but quickly goes straight to hell when several of the guests turn out to be bloodthirsty vampires (don’t you hate that).

Saturn Returns is out April 1st on Milk! Records.

Surahn – Into The Distance

From Perth to Adelaide and the latest single by producer Surahn (who you may also know from The Swiss, as Sidwho? and from touring duties with Empire Of The Sun) Into The Distance. It’s the second from his upcoming LP Utopian State and it is a cracker of a tune. It’s jazzy and dreamy, Surahn’s measured vocals wavering melodies over a simple backbeat.

The video is outstanding, adding to the lucid dreamlike qualities of the track itself. It’s a solo dirtbike ride across a beach at sunset, and if it doesn’t make you want to go out and do exactly that right now then there’s something wrong, it looks amazing.

Catch Surahn at WOMAD Festival in Adelaide March 11-14.

Ha The Unclear – Secret Lives Of Furniture

Across the Tasman to New Zealand (South Dunedin to be exact) for this one with alt-pop group Ha The Unclear and the latest single Secret Lives Of Furniture. It’s a slow-burning rock number that cranks up the riffs for the chorus, with almost spoken word vocals throughout the verses in that inimitable accent to give it some very unique flair.

Were we expecting a song and dance about furniture that comes to life when its owners aren’t at home? A Chair Story of sorts? Yes, absolutely, and we were not disappointed in the slightest! Everything in the protagonist’s living room has an unsettling level of sentience and have no qualms making things awkward and creepy for their owner after he manages to find himself a date.

Catch Ha The Unclear in Adelaide tonight and tomorrow night!

Cub Sport – I Can’t Save You

Back to Brisbane indie-poppers and all around legends Cub Sport, who returned in 2015 with their first single in two years (!). They’re back at it in 2016, with their second single and its accompanying video out this week in the form of I Can’t Save You. It’s from their hotly anticipated next album This Is Our Vice arriving later this year. The track features pulsing retro synths and a chorus that positively soars, a fantastically dance-y number.

The video is a great story, documenting the downward spiral of a soap opera starlet that, in itself, is its own soap opera. Soapception I’m dubbing it, the clip was directed by Joe Agius of The Creases and even features Luke McDonald from The John Steel Singers as the fictional director, to keep it all in the (Brisbane) family. It’s always way more interesting when music videos have such a clear and absorbing narrative like this.

This Is Our Vice is out March 4th via Title Track.

Santigold – Can’t Get Enough Of Myself

This one we don’t have a video link for exactly, given that it isn’t really YouTube-compatible. It’s actually a brand new and interactive video from Santigold for the latest single from her third album, 99¢, that drops today!

Best thing about it? It stars yourself! If you use Chrome and have a webcam (basically everyone who isn’t 10 years ago) you can go here and insert your very own mug into a for real no fooling music video. We won’t spoil it for you, just go have fun pretending that you and Santigold are tight enough to collab.

99¢ is out today via Atlantic Records. See you next week!