Watch Jack White Sing “Fell In Love With A Girl” With Kermit The Frog

Last week, we reported the amazing news that none other than Jack White would be joining The Muppets show for an episode. Although it’s hardly a consolation for his ongoing touring hiatus (which came into play before he could return to Australia), it definitely helps the burden a little bit, and helps our wounds heal.

The season finale is set to air this week, and now a teaser trailer has emerged in case you just weren’t excited enough already. The 1-minute clip sees Kermit The Frog driving along singing Frank Sinatra‘s Bein’ Green, when he pulls up at a light beside White. The two have a bit of back and forth, when Kermit explains how serendipitous it is for this to be happening when he is “scrambling” for a musical guest and is still dealing with Miss Piggy-relationship turmoil. They then pull over and White jumps in the car to belt out a few lines of The White Stripes classic, Fell In Love With A Girl, a liberating and therapeutic experience.

The episode is set to air this Tuesday in the US, and follows on from when Dave Grohl appeared on the show. Does this mean White is here to save the day and get Miss Piggy and Kermit back together? Can Kermit win her love back through the power of song? All will hopefully be revealed this Tuesday, but if it’s not- at least we will still get some Jack White action!


Image: Stereogum