Violent Soho

Violent Soho Get Messy With New Video For “Viceroy”

If grunge was the ultimate college soundtrack of the 90’s, then Brisbane’s finest revivalists, Violent Soho, have reached true authenticity with their new video. The band have released the accompanying clip for the new track Viceroy, the second single from their upcoming album, WACO. And somehow they have managed to travel back a Wayne’s World era – or at the least aftermath of some serious 90’s partying on.

Anyone with compulsive cleaning issues, germophobia, ataxaphobia or generally accepted standards of hygiene should probably look away now. Flying the flag for the laissez faire attitude that often characterises rock genres, Violent Soho display a fairly lazy side to say the least. Directed by Dan Graetz, a steady cam follows the band’s performance in what looks like a college dorm turned rehearsal room. Complete with a ratty plaid sofa, pizza boxes and student style trash, skateboards and BMX bikes lie amongst the ankle deep detritus.

With a good amount of head banging, a pair of loud pants that should not have seen the light of day since 1995, and wooden spoons in place of drumsticks, Viceroy could be the ultimate monument to grunge – in all its greasy glory! And, like the grunge of old, the actual greatness of Violent Soho’s songwriting and performance nestles like a hidden gems amongst all the long hair and grime.

Thrashing out the chorus of “Kill the Viceroy,” you can well believe the band’s aversion to any sort of authority. Particularly mothers, armed with vacuums and shrill voices I’d imagine. An erroneous appearing green screen manages to spring to life as the finale, with a pleasant beach scene. Whether it’s a sympathetic concession to make up for the dirt, or an aimless computer screensaver, I just don’t know. But either way, party on Violent Soho!

Violent Soho’s fourth LP WACO will be release March 18 on I OH YOU.

Image via Consequence Of Sound