U.S. County Sheriff Blames Drive-By and Gun Deaths on Beyoncé

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you’ll know that Beyoncé’s performance at Super Bowl Half-Time simultaneously stopped the world in awe, and triggered an undeniably backwards and disgusting response from people with nothing better to do than make things they don’t understand their problem. Well, that seems to be continuing.

This week Tennessee sheriff Robert Arnold openly blamed Beyoncé’s performance for a drive-by outside his home, and the seven police deaths that have happened since Super Bowl 50. Here is an excerpt from the statement he gave at a press conference in his county of Rutherford:

“With everything that’s happened since the Super Bowl, with law enforcement as a whole, I think we’ve lost five to seven officers, five deputy sheriffs since the Super Bowl, that’s what I’m thinking. You have Beyoncé’s video and that’s kind of bled over into other things about law enforcement. My comments reflect the violent and senseless killing of seven deputies in the U.S. since the show aired.. for this to happen at my house, it bothers me tremendously..”

Beyoncé’s performance paid homage to the Black Panthers and addressed the #BlackLivesMatter movement, with Mr. Arnold attributing this violence as a reaction to what many have called “a platform to attack police officers”, which we all know to be truly ridiculous.

What’s even more ridiculous is that a man being investigated by the FBI for corruption is being given a platform to spout his views. It’s been revealed that Arnold sold e-ciggaretes to jail inmates through a private company owned by his aunt and uncle, as well being charged for a “failure to adequately train and supervise his staff” after an inmate was brutally beaten in his cell, leading to permanent brain damage. Is his word to be trusted? Or is the U.S.’ problem with violence and gun control an issue completely separate from a performance which asks questions that some people might rather not hear? You be the judge.


Image: The Tennessean