The Ten Best Songs Of The Week

As far as best songs go, these are ten of the best. We’re now in February and the consistently high quality of music output that we’ve seen over the past four weeks ago hasn’t dwindled once in the new month. If anything, it’s gotten even better. See for yourself below!

AAA+, Disciple Of Love

Adelaide artist AAA+ dropped a doozy this week with Disciple Of Love– a retro-futuristic electro-pop jam with a lot to give. Sounding like he’s borrowed elements from everyone like Cut Copy to The Chemical BrothersDisciple Of Love is a pulsing, pounding track that’s driven by its bouncy synth line and crashing drum beat. He’s been kicking around for a while but has never really taken off in his home country – until now!

Summer Flake, Shoot And Score

The more I hear Summer Flake, the more I enjoy her. Taken from her sophomore album, Hello Friends, this tune is called Shoot And Score and is four-and-a-half minutes of droning, mesmerising bliss. “Shoot and score, take what’s yours,” she sings, her guitars thick and heavy as they carry the emotion in her lyrics and voice. This track is dripping in reverb-y goodness, and has done yet another excellent job in reminding me why Summer Flake is so great!

Annabel Jones, IOU

IOU by Annabel Jones has already got the approval of one Zane Lowe, who she debuted it with this week on his Beats 1 show. Now she can add approval from Howl & Echoes too, as I was instantly hooked from the first serene note that kicks the song off. From here, it just gets better and better, with it’s bassy groove and quirky arrangements- not to mention her sassy af lyrics that take it to another level. Total jam.

Pandamic, Heck!

Following along the same vein as bands like Violent Soho and Dune Rats, Pandamic’s new belter Heck! is a beer-drenched anthem with thrashy guitars and punchy drums- but don’t let the bravado fool you. It’s a forlorn love song at it’s heart, it just tricks you for a second. With a ripper of a chorus that would no doubt be unreal to join in with at a live show, Heck! is a huge step forward for the boys and one in a direction I can’t wait to see them go down.

Gallant, Skipping Stones (Ft. Jhene Aiko)

Skipping Stones represents when two worlds collide in the best possible way. Featuring two of music’s most incredible voices around at the moment, Gallant and Jhene Aiko have teamed up and it is stunning. Both artists bring their A-game here in a big way as they sing about their empty hearts and beds in a way that casts a spell on you with it’s dreamy arrangement accompanying it. Sounding like Leon Bridges mixed with Sam Smith, Gallant has never sounded this good before, whilst Aiko shows off why she is one of the most hyped up acts in the world- and why she’s so deserving.

Two People, Fading

Fun fact: Two People are actually two people from the now defunct-Snakadaktal. Phoebe Lou and Joey Clough are now trying their hand at a different game, and the first taste of it is impressive to say the least. Hypnotic and spell-binding, Fading is a swirling dream featuring static-y rain, Four Tet-esque production and heavenly vocals. There are huge things in store for these two.

Tinashe, Ride Of Your Life (Prod. Metro Boomin)

Tinashe is the next big pop star, and you only need to listen to any one of her songs to hear why. She has one of the best voices around, possessing a certain “superstar” quality that comes naturally to her. She also has an uncanny knack of picking the right producers to work with, and this latest track with Metro Boomin is no exception. Seductive both in Tinashe’s vocals and Metro Boomin’s trap-styled beats, the two bring out the best in each other with Ride Of Your Life– yet another feather in Tinashe’s already very full cap.

Nina Las Vegas, Now Or Never (Ft. CZ & Swick)

Australian dance music’s leading lady Nina Las Vegas is at it again, dropping another banger via her brand new record label, NLV Records. She teased us all last year with a sampler that featured an original track from each artist on the label – herself included – and now we can finally hear what else she’s been sitting on this whole time. Practically redefining the term “banger” Nina goes in on this track, teaming up with CZ and Swick as if it wasn’t good enough already. It’s like PC Music sent into overdrive, and is a seriously solid release from one of Australia’s most prolific tastemakers. Yaaaaaaas!

Carmada, Realise (Chrome Sparks Remix)

Chrome Sparks is just about to touch down in Australia for a string of shows at the end of the month, and it seems like he’s really getting into the spirit of things by taking Carmada’s hit track, Realise and running with it. Turning it inside out in his own special way, Chrome Sparks shakes up Realise and reassembles it with some slightly off-kilter beats, thick synths and unpredictable drops throughout. This is part of an entire EP of Realise remixes, but we’ve got our money on this being the best one. Chrome Sparks can’t be beaten!

Loose Tooth, Bites Will Bleed

Melbourne three-piece have just today announced that not only are they teaming up with Milk! Records (Courtney Barnett’s label), but that they are dropping a brand new EP on April 1 titled Saturn Returns. To celebrate, the trio have released an absolute wailer in the for of Bites Will Bleed. Scuzzy guitar, booming drums, and vocals that cut through the fuzz, Loose Tooth immediately got me very keen indeed to hear Saturn Returns. Hopefully there is more where this came from!

Image via Two People’s Facebook