The Game

The Game Lost Sexual Assault Case By Default

The Game has lost a $10 million lawsuit filed against him by a former gameshow contestant by not attending the hearing, forcing the judge to rule against him by default.

Priscilla Rainey was one of the contestants on the VH1 reality show She Got Game, in which a number of women competed for the rapper’s heart. In August 2015, she sued the Compton rapper for sexually assaulting her during the filming of the show.

In her lawsuit, the contestant claims that during a shooting of the show in which she went out on a date with the rapper to a bar, The Game was heavily intoxicated and high on drugs. She has stated that he assaulted her on numerous occasions during the evening, including an incident where the artist was, “forcefully reaching his hand inside her dress to rub her bare vagina and buttocks.”

The ruling, although in favour of Priscilla Rainey, does not entitle her to the full sum which she is suing for. She will have to plead her case in order to prove that the $10 million in damages that she is seeking is justified.

When talking to Bossip, Adam Horowitz the plaintiffs’ lawyer said, “my client was damaged by the sexual assault. She’s been in therapy. Now, she’s anxious to tell her story.”

The fact that the contestant was assaulted multiple times during the filming of the show, throws into question just what the fuck all the crew were doing when they witnessed this taking place numerous times during the course of the night. Not to take away anything from what The Game did, but holy shit, it takes a lot of people to film a segment and have all of them choose to turn a blind eye to something so heinous. Maybe VH1 can chip in towards that $10 million, they definitely deserve to.

This isn’t the first time the Compton rapper has been brought up on charges against a woman. In 2014 his ex-partner, Tiffney Cambridge filed for a restraining order and sued him for assault against her during a fight at their home.

Hopefully in between releasing emoji lines and defending Bill Cosby, The Game will find the time to address why he found it appropriate to miss such an important court date.