The Game Will Give Kanye West $10 Million – On ONE Condition

It’s a hard knock life being Kanye West at the moment.

Arguably the biggest rapper in the world right now, he told fans earlier this week that he has racked up nearly $53 million in personal debt as a result of the release of his Yeezy Season 3 clothing line and new album The Life of Pablo.

The financial issues facing Kanye were enough to inspire a series of bizarre Twitter rants, which included a request to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for $1 billion.

Now, fellow rapper The Game has proved that the music industry has always got your back when you’re in trouble.

The LA artist has offered to sling Kanye a lazy $10 million on one condition- that they go skydiving together.

Game reached out to West on Twitter, stating that “I’ve got $10,000,000 to invest in his (Kanye’s) ideas if he comes to Dubai and skydives with us tomorrow.”

“Let’s see how far over the Jumpman Yeezy can jump.”

The Game even offered to fund the excursion, concluding his invitation with the promise that “I’ll pay for the flight. It’s 12, noon in Dubai and you’ve got an hour to accept.”

Kanye has kind of released The Life of Pablo in an official way, dropping it on Tidal following the Madison Square Garden premiere. However, he keeps changing it up and claiming it’s not quite finished yet, so really, we have no idea. As it stands, you need to be on Tidal to hear it, as he’s currently claiming that he’ll never sell it anywhere else – including Apple.

Watch this space.

Image: Rapfav