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Footage Emerges Of Teen Brutally Assaulting Security Guard At Perth Music Festival

Footage depicting a teenager brutally assaulting a security guard at Good Life festival in Perth has gone viral after being posted to Facebook, and later on Channel 9.

The Under 18s festival, which also visits Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, took place at Claremont Showgrounds in Perth on Saturday night, and featured artists including A$AP Rocky, RL Grime and Jeremih.

In the video, dozens of witnesses can be seen watching a fight break out between the security guard and teenager, whom he had been trying to subdue. A second teenager is then seen kicking the guard in his face.

The guard immediately falls to the ground unconscious, and the assailant quickly ran away. Although the crowd can be seen reacting to the obviously heavy impact of the kick and fall, nobody tried to stop the attacker as he escapes.

The footage was first posted on the Most Wanted Lads Facebook page:

The festival have released an official statement regarding the incident:

The safety of Good Life attendees and staff is our highest priority. Promoters do not condone violence of any kind, and take these issues extremely seriously.

Following the incident on site, the security guard in question was immediately attended to by medical teams and taken to hospital by an on-site ambulance for assessment. He was discharged a few hours later. Good Life promoters will continue to monitor his well-being. The incident is being investigated by the Police.

Good Life works months in advance of each city to put detailed security and contingency plans in place, working carefully with stakeholders to ensure the safety of our patrons. In Perth, this plan included:

  • An Event Operations Centre (EOC) comprising of an emergency management team of eight management personnel, with closed circuit CCTV monitoring the event operations
  • Consultation with WA Police on the event
  • 130 x licenced security personnel and an Event Safety officer
  • 1 x Standby Ambulance with Commander and 2 x paramedics
  • St John Medical team providing 3 x First Aid Posts, 14 x First Aid responders, 1 x Doctor, 2 x nurses, 2 x management staff, 1 x communications officers and 1 x Event Commander.
  • 24 x Red Frogs crowd care service staff and volunteers & chill out areas.
  • Free drinking water located throughout the venue and at stage barriers

All festivalgoers are checked for ID, age, breathalysed, undergo bag searches and wrist banded upon entry. Random drug testing is also conducted at the front entrance. There are no licensed bars on the premises, PA loops are utilised for entry and exit crowd control, with security in place until 30 minutes after the event. Red Frogs crowd care also enlist over 24 volunteers to be on call for any punters requiring assistance during the day.

To respect the privacy of the security guard, no further comments will be made.

Image: 9 News

Originally published on Indie News