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Suge Knight Placed In Solitary Confinement

Suge Knight has allegedly been placed in solitary confinement after TMZ got a hold of a number of legal documents filed by the former Death Row CEO.

The celebrity-gossip magazine reports that Suge Knight has filed a number of legal documents, in which he alleges that a judge has effectively banned him from communicating with the outside world for an indefinite period of time, as requested by the detective who is in charge of Suge Knights murder case. He further states that he has now been placed into solitary confinement as part of the request.

Suffice to say, the cigar smoking Bond villain’s time behind bars has been going from bad to worse. Since turning himself over to the authorities early last year, Suge Knight has claimed that he is partially blind, fainted in court after hearing that his bail was set at $25 million, and has been steadily losing a number of his privileges, including phone calls and visitation rights.

Suge Knight, was charged with murder in 2015, after an altercation in a parking lot left one man dead, and another injured after the 50-year-old ran them over with his car, following an argument between the three of them over the biopic, Straight Outta Compton.

Although it’s likely that not many tears will be shed among his ex-peers, placing the ex-CEO in solitary confinement will 100% not do his physical or mental state any favours. Suge Knight has already previously complained that not only is the bed in his jail cell too small to accommodate the 6’2” behemoth, he has also stated that his toilet flushes every 20-minutes for the entire day, not allowing him to get the proper sleep that he needs. Poor guy.

Tom Mesereau, his lawyer at the time of him lodging these complaints last year, has also speculated that because Suge Knight has been experiencing numbness to one entire side of his body, he might possibly have a brain tumour. Unfortunately, due to there being a bullet lodged in his head which he refuses to take out, no brain scans can be performed for fear of the bullet being ripped out of his head.

All in all it really couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

For a fairly accurate explanation of the Suge Knight timeline feel free to skip the song to 2:30.