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Solange Knowles Blasts New York Times Critic

Three years ago, Solange Knowles bit back at New York Times music critic Jon Caramanica. Venting her displeasure at his review of Brandy’s Two Eleven album (2013) via twitter, Solange claimed that music blogs “could actually benefit from hiring people who REALLY understand the culture of R&B to write about R&B.”

Now it looks like she wasn’t quite finished. Talk about dishes best served cold and all that – Solange took to Twitter once again this week to continue her tirade at Jon Caramanica.

The original spat three years ago prompted Caramanica to respond to Solange’s comments via a fairly damning podcast. Claiming that her success was only possible in the wake of other artists, and under the aegis of industry supporters, Caramanica does pretty much confirm Solange’s accusation that he is woefully ill informed regarding the industry. Also that an Ivy League education does not guarantee a right way of thinking:

“The only reason that Solange’s success this past year has even been a thing is only because of these same people that she’s lambasting, like there would be no Solange record if the dude from Grizzly Bear didn’t put it out. There would be no Solange interests if all of a sudden people that have not historically been interested in R&B hadn’t decided to pay attention to Miguel and The Weeknd and Drake. So you know, first of all, let’s talk about biting the hand that feeds you. If I was Solange, I would be a little bit worried about that.”

By the same logic, we could submit that no one would care about your point of view if the New York Times didn’t put it out. Or if other music critics hadn’t paved the way for your career.

Regardless of her fierce reputation, the tirade launched by Solange this week leaves Caramanica very little room for recovery. Slamming down the realities of the music industry, as well as calling out his accusation of “biting the hand that feeds”.