Seth Sentry Just Banned A Bunch Of Racist Arseholes From Commenting On His Facebook Page

Just before playing a gig in Ballarat on Sunday, musician Thelma Plum came across a photo of two men from the Victorian city who were attending a party thinking, “it’s okay to paint their white bodies black and mock my people.” Rapper Briggs caught wind of the original post shortly after Plum posted it and proceeded, like Plum, to share it to his followers on Facebook, adding:


Since then, both Plum and Briggs have received an astonishing amount of what is quite frankly dumbfounding, racist backlash over their comments. In Plum’s post, several people shared other photos of blackface and showed support for the musician’s comments. However, not everyone was impressed with many commenting that people were simply “looking for reasons to be offended” and whinged that not being “able to dress up as movie characters”. Because, you know, you can’t go to a dress up party without blackface.

A number of fans and fellow musicians have chimed in with their support of the artists and enjoyed their take-downs of racist commentators who seem to think there’s nothing wrong with blackface with the rest of us. Now, Victorian rapper Seth Sentry has taken things a step further, banning several people from commenting on his page. However, that isn’t before he took the time to respond to several of the ignorant comments that followed his post regarding the issue.








Various sources from the Howl and Echoes camp can indeed confirm that racism is not a side effect of marijuana.

Melbourne label I OH YOU also gave followers who didn’t see the problem with black face (especially those going so far to defend it) very clear instructions on where to go:


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