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Serato Launches Audio Cruise Control App, Makes Party Playlists Gap Free

Words by Gabi Paterson

Do you hate the brief but uncomfortable Saturday night silence between tracks on your party playlist? This new app is an automatic iPhone-based DJ that will seamlessly mix banger after banger on its own.

It’s called Pyro. The app was launched this month on all iOS platforms by Serato, a New Zealand based company that creates audio software for DJs and musicians.

The app allows you to use any track from your library or link with Spotify and will continue playing similar music if your playlist ends.

“Pyro mixes the music for you,” Says AJ Bertenshaw, the CEO of Serato. “Each track blends really seamlessly into the next track, and if the songs that you’ve chosen run out, it chooses songs for you so the music never stops.”

Built on the back of 17 years of existing Serato technology, the app is supposed to search and analyse your music to maintain the beat while transitioning between songs regardless of how different they are. The software works significantly better with “party music” – electro, house, pop or hip-hop that has a solid baseline and doesn’t fade out on its own. The user interface is simple and easy-to-use with a single, constant customisable playlist so you can gauge the room at any time and react accordingly.

“Parties aren’t static, parties can go in any direction and we wanted the list to be fluid like that as well. ” Says Tim Checkley, Pyro’s Lead User Interface Designer.If you’ve been picking winners all night you can also save playlists to your Pyro library. Although the reality is hardly comparable to a DJ, Pyro certainly makes party playlists easy to create and edit with endless suggestions of songs to play next.

So if you’re finding it difficult to line up the next banger or you can’t tear your hand away from that drink for more than five seconds to change the song then this is the app for you.