Rihanna Shares TWO New Videos For “Work”

If you’re like me, you’ve still got Rihanna‘s ANTI on pretty heavy rotation, and anticipation has been pretty high for some video action ever since Bad Gal RiRi shared the teaser for the Drake-featuring Work video clip. Well now we can finally rest at ease, as the music gods have given us not one, but two new videos for the dancehall-inspired track.

First, we have a clip set at a Jamaican bar with some really amazing dancers doing their respective things. Rihanna is there, twerking in the mirror – and on Drake – whilst the rest of the bar gets down to the track. It’s a hot and steamy scene, with some incredible moves being pulled and Drizzy’s trademark “standing to the side, leaning and peering down at girls’ asses” move, as Rihanna backs up on him in a way that would make just about everyone in the world jealous.

Next, the clip cuts to a loading bar, and as the track starts again we’re looking at a blue and pink hued room that features just Drake and Rihanna. A totally new clip, this one provides a certain level of intimacy that was missing in the last one (obviously) and also casts the loving lyrics in a more intimate light. It’s hard to pick which one is my favourite, but they’re both really great, if not just for Rihanna twerking. Check it out below for yourself.

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Image: Stereogum