Rapsody Chats About Her Upcoming Album And Grammy Nomination

Rapsody has revealed important details about her upcoming follow-up to The Idea Of Beautiful and her thoughts on her Grammy Nomination with Kendrick Lamar in an interview with Ambrosia For Heads.

Rapsody’s guest spot on Lamar’s Complexion (A Zulu Love) earned her a VIP ticket to next week’s Grammy Awards. Although it hasn’t “hit [her] yet”, she’s still humbled by the nomination.

“It feels great, man. [Laughs] I’m trying to think of the perfect adjective, but I don’t think there is one to describe it. To know where I started, and just to look back at the whole process and to see that it happened like this, it’s hard to put it in words.”

She had previously discussed her collaboration with Lamar as being a huge part of her year. It changed her perspective on how success comes to those who actually do the things they dream of. “I wasn’t surprised. Because regardless if I was there or not, I expected [To Pimp A Butterfly] to be nominated for a Grammy,” she said, describing the album as “phenomenal”.

She also touched on her album, which is almost ready for release. She revealed some of those taking guest spots, including Anderson .Paak, who she described as being one of her favourite people to work with.

She spoke about spending some time with him on the tour bus in Raleigh after Dr Dre‘s Compton was released. After being blown away by Anderson’s featured track Animals, she went to see him. “That night in the studio, we probably did like two songs. Then he came back the next day and we did two more. It was just real easy. We put on a beat—[Khrysis] got a beat, 9th [Wonder] got a beat, he didn’t write it, it just comes to him.”

So where’s she at on her upcoming album?

“We’re almost done, so before summer. I can say that. One feature I’ll [reveal] is Anderson. He’s on it–a couple times, at least. [Laughs]”

Rapsody was previously featured in an interview with MC Lyte conducted by Billboard for Black History Month on race, gender and the hip-hop industry. Rapsody touched on this during the interview with Ambrosia For Heads, saying that it was interesting to chat to the first female Grammy-nominated rap soloist. “Just to get those perspectives and stories, how females [experienced the industry] then to how it is now. I had so much more I wanted to ask.”

Watch the full interview below.