PLAYLIST: The Best Songs Of This Week

Another week of awesome music, another playlist that’s narrowed it down to the best songs to come out. This week is pretty locally focussed, with six tracks made from homegrown artists. But, we’ve still gotta give it up for our international brothers and sisters, so some of them are in here too. It’s a big mix of everything, but one that is perfect for your weekend listening. Take a look for yourself!

Lower Spectrum, Masquerade

I can’t get enough of Lower Spectrum. The WA wunderkind is making some of the best music in the country right now, and his latest track is no exception. Building on from his previous single, Proxima, his latest release is a slightly different take on his dark, brooding sounds. It’s definitely more accessible, with a solid groove and spliced vocal samples to make a sort of hook that will get you moving in no time. Hold out for the break down when things get really wild too. This song is a winner!

Harts, Peculiar 

Prince look-a-like Harts is on a roll right now, and Peculiar is just another dot point in his ever-growing list of achievements. He’s sold out shows across the country, got a few festival sets under his belt and is being tipped by just about everyone as the next big thing to come out of Australia, and now with Peculiar that seems even more likely. Blistering guitar solos, explosive choruses, expert production and poignant lyricism, Harts kills it every time and I am of the firm belief it’s a question of “when” not “if” for when he truly breaks through and the world catches on. It’s going to be soon!

The Love Junkies, Nobody

Adding another band member and announcing a national tour, The Love Junkies have triumphantly returned to the scene with Nobody – a punchy tune that sits just under 4 minutes of classic rock. Gearing up for the release of their third album, they’ve once again shown how great they are at blending a multitude of influences and styles to create their own palpable sound, and it’s a sound that will hold them in good stead as they get even bigger. Set to travel over to the US for SXSW and then to Canada for Canadian Music Week, things are only just beginning for this WA band.

Annie Bass, While I’m Waiting

Annie Bass is actually Annabel Weston, the superb vocalist who lent her impressive vocals for Oisima. Now she is stepping out on her own, and with co-writer Matt Morrison by her side, it seems it’s now her time to shine. While I’m Waiting is a hazy, smoky number with Weston’s vocals rightfully centre-stage. It’s paired with a smooth beat, delicate drums and seductive synths, and is a blooming, swelling track that you can get lost in. You’ll find yourself reaching for that “Repeat” button in no time with this one.


This is hands down LUCIANBLOMKAMP’s best song so far, and that’s saying something. Taken from his incoming sophomore album, The Overman is mind blowing. It’s spellbinding and magical, immersive and emotive, and just so impressive. Going from strength to absolute strength, LUCIANBLOMKAMP is the most underrated artist in the country right now, and it only takes one listen to any of his songs to make you wonder why he isn’t the biggest thing going since Flume. However, his time is coming, people are slowly learning, and when he finally breaks, it will be thanks to songs like this.

Boulevards, Up On Your Love

The prize for the funnest single to come out of this week goes to Boulevards. Listing Prince and Rick James as influences, this is one of the funkiest tunes I’ve heard in a long time, and I just can’t get enough of it. It’s upbeat. joyous, liberating and so damn groovy. It’s the type of song that would be a blast live, and would have the whole crowd cutting shapes thanks to the impossibly funky beat and Boulevards’ energetic voice. Just try getting this one out of your head!

Stone Cold Fox, Change My Mind

There is an air of nostalgia about this band for me. It’s their blend between electronic and indie/alternative music that reminds me of acts like Phoenix, and the boom of bands like this back in the late 00’s. In saying that, these guys are hardly a nostalgia act, and are very much killing it on their own. Taking the best bits of that time and throwing them into the expert production that 2016 has to offer, Stone Cold Fox hold it down with Change My Mind – an upbeat dance track with shimmering synths, quintessential indie guitars and groovy drums. Add to all of this the stellar vocals, and it’s pretty obvious the boys are onto something really good here!

Vera Blue, Hold (BV Remix)

The original of this song has been played over a million times on Spotify, so it is safe to say the pressure was on for the remix to deliver. Employing BV for those duties, the results are pretty incredible to say the least. Formerly known as Black Vanilla, BV have utilised their off-kilter, erratic production techniques to plunge Vera Blue’s Hold into new, and darker territory. Her serene vocals sounds strangely at home over the industrial sounds and raucous cacophony that they have created, and as the song goes along, it gets better and better. It’s huge, it’s certainly not what you’d expect but it works so damn well. Let’s hope this isn’t the last BV remix we’ll be hearing for a while, as I am officially hooked! Check it out on Spotify here.

Chase & Status, Control

One of the biggest acts in the world, Chase & Status have triumphantly returned with Control. Teaming up with Slaves, the electronic powerhouse have once again shown just how it’s done with this track. Accompanying its release is an incredible video as well, featuring powerful and confronting imagery to match the powerful and confronting song. It’s electrifying and enthralling, and has you paying attention within seconds as the lyrics are repeated over and over with growing intensity. It’s certainly different from the usual Chase & Status stuff, but it also has me very keen to hear what else they have in store for us when they release their fourth album later this year. Check out the clip for yourself below:



Image: Pilerats