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PLAYLIST: Breakthrough Sundays

Here we are, at the end of yet another huge week in the world of music. Here’s some of our favourite new tunes from independent, upcoming artists from across the globe. As always, we’re covering a full range of genres, so we recommend playing on shuffle.


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  • 10CC, I’m Not In love (Emily Gold cover)
    I love hearing artists cover tracks in unique and totally new ways. Emily Gold’s slinky, indie/electro cover of the 10CC classic is not only stunning, but refreshingly original, featuring it’s own instrumental progressions and a beautifully delicate melody. I LOVE this cover.
  • MERESHA, My Love Has Come
    A groovy electro-pop offering with soulful, rich vocals and a cruisey beat. It’s really easy to feel drawn in by this one. The vocals in particular make this track special – I’m looking forward to hearing more from Meresha.
  • NobodyWhereMyDamnFunnelCakes
    Despite the name, which may suggest otherwise, this track is real slick. With a hazy vocal tone and sultry jazz instrumentals, really good lyrics (how many pop culture references can you notice?) and a smooth, smooth flow, this is one of the coolest new rap tracks of the week.
  • j.normalFIRE
    I guess I was in the mood for nostalgic pop ballads this week, because there’s a few of them on this playlist. With beautiful, slightly hazy vocals and a big, atmospheric rhythm and soundscape, it’s an interesting blend of cheesy pop ballads and dark, almost industrial effects and ambiance.
  • Love TapsFalling Fast feat. Maya Killtron
    This is a really cool piece. Intricate synth layers loop and interlock throughout the soundscape, while Killtron’s powerful vocals push this track about 20 notches further. The track gets into a really nice house groove as it unfolds and progresses – I love this one, and I usually hate housey stuff.
  • Mermaidens, Under The Mountain II
    And now for something a little different, this is a stunning psych-rock track that evokes the kind of atmosphere that I love about bands like Sleepy Sun and even Black Angels. Complete with a Kashmir-esque guitar bridge, vocal harmonies and thundering percussion, it’s sultry, smooth and ultra-seductive – this might just be my number one pick for this week’s playlist.
  • A.K.i.LSLIDE (prod by DevOnDaBeat)
    I really dig this track – the artist has a brilliant flow (undoubtedly Drake-inspired) and insightful lyrics, anchored by a heavy bass, even out by delicate piano trickles. Really well-produced and put together, it’s catchy, it’s cool, it’s bang on trend.
  • HenriettaSomething More
    There’s something about Henrietta’s voice that immediately crept under my skin. Emotive, husky and absolutely beautiful, this is a really wonderful electro-R&B track, with storytelling lyrics and a gorgeous rhythm. Perfect for a chilled Sunday groove.
  • TramzillaDelorean
    I’m writing about this track because, like, who wouldn’t want to write about a hip-hop track about Back To The Future? Choice lyrics include “Come hop in my Delorean, we can go back in time/ Oh, you got a man? I’m Marty McFLy, I’ll go to yesterday and make you mine.” Whovians, watch out for a slick Doctor reference too!
  • Vice SouletricStayin Out The Way (feat. Skyzoo)
    On first listen this hip-hop single felt a little messy, but after I delved in, I couldn’t get it out of my head. The backing layers feature an interesting blend of chunky melodic samples and vocal loops, while the verses are tight and classic. Funky, smart and seriously cool, I’m really keen to hear more from Vice Souletric.