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PLAYLIST: Breakthrough Sunday

Every week, we share the best new music from upcoming, independent acts across the musical globe. This week we’re focusing quite heavily on hip-hop, but there’s a couple R&B and electronic and indie tracks thrown in for good measure.

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  • Twig Pigeon, No Call ft. WALLACE
    Slinky and seductive, this jazz-infused trip hop offering has rubbed me all the right ways. Funky and sensual all at once, this is one for the bedroom playlist.
  • Wes LindenLuv Groove (Prod. 614KG)
    Opening with slinky ambience, this track quickly opens up to a slick verse with a unique tone and a really well-crafted flow. Catchy, cool, and high quality – Wes Linden’s onto something.
  • Savoy EllisSay Yea
    I love this track. The vocals are stunning – melodically powerful and lyrically entrancing, backed by a soulful, piano and string-led instrumental. I could easily listen to this on repeat.
  • Alexander MackSharp Dressed
    I’m loving the jazz-infused hip-hop this week. The instrumental plays strings, organs and synths against one another, intertwining with the rhythm of the verses. This is really nicely produced.
  • Vice SouletricRespect the Legends (feat. King Magnetic) [prod. by 9th Wonder]
    This is funky as hell, with a real classic vibe. Save for the Macklemore, Kendrick and Nicki Minaj references, the boom bap track would’ve slipped right in a decade or more ago.
  • ΣtellaWorks For You
    Taking a short intermission from hip-hop, here’s this week’s wildcard – a haunting Euro-folk track that blends dark pop with neo-trad Greek elements. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but I just love this melody.
  • Paul PesciMotions (feat. Albert Ryan)(Prod. by Architect)
    Raw and husky, this hip-hop track glides by under the radar. Temperate and dark, the sparse and watery instrumental perfectly complements the icy cool verses.
  • Moons Of MarsPsycho Lover
    The only indie rock entry in this playlist, there’s something so magnetising about this track; from the playfully seductive melody to the heady guitar riffs, I love everything about it.
  • Brilliant BreezeN*gga What Feat. Cee (Prod. By Cee) 
    Another brass-led hip-hop instrumental, this is big and bold, packed with power and charisma. Shout out to Cee, who not only produced the track, but delivers one hell of guest verse.
  • Secret FamilyYoung Lovers
    Ending today’s hip-hop playlist on a feel-good indie track, what? I didn’t expect it either, but I fell for this song as soon as I heard it. With a massive soundscape, immense guitars, a festival-ready singalong melody and more, it’s not often that I like indie tracks like this – but when it’s this good, I can’t help myself.

Image: Twig Pigeon