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PLAYLIST: Breakthrough Saturdays

Every week, we sift through a whole heap of brand new music from upcoming, mostly independent acts across the globe. Out of those, we’ve selected our favourites here for you to enjoy!

This week’s playlist features every genre you can think of , from indie rock to hip-hop, to electro-pop and beyond. We recommend listening to this on shuffle.

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  1. Montagues & Capulets, Aileen
    Opening on a nice, grungy piece of indie rock. It’s not breaking any barriers, sure, but with smooth melody and catchy riffs, there’s a lot to enjoy in Aileen. 
  2. Sonny Seeza, Everywhere
    This track is hands down phenomenal. Spitfire hip-hop with a thudding beat and a wicked instrumental, it’s one of those tracks where I’m genuinely confused as to why this doesn’t have thousands and thousands of plays by now.
    Mmmm. This track is huge. Really uniquely pieced together, it combines seductive verses with a big chorus, and incredibly cool rhythms throughout. I could listen to this over and over and over.
  4. GodWolf, Reasons
    Told you we’d cover every genre here, right? GodWolf’s new one is a saucy electro-R&B offering, focusing on his velvety smooth voice and temperate, sensual beats. Emotive and really well-produced, it’s equally calm and passionate.
  5. GotMason? Flaws (produced by FortuneWest)
    Another heady hip-hop track, with a really nice instrumental and a top line that’s as lyrically dextrous as it is rhythmically satisfying, tied up at the ends with a really nice melodic hook.
  6. ShelBeeEnough
    Evocative, atmospheric electro-pop courtesy of the LA artist. While admittedly the mixing feels a little out of order, there’s an intriguing, emotive huskiness that I really love – particularly in the variation between the verses and chorus.
  7. Bobby UzömaHoly Grails
    This is a really beautiful, soulful track, with a spine-tingling tango between piano and vocals. As the track progresses and the rhythm grows, you can really get lost in the atmosphere of this gorgeous piece. I love it.
  8. VOKES, Cruel Game
    I love how bouncy and smooth, yet totally unpretentious this indie-house track is. The melody is really, really nice, especially as it builds up with these gushing vocal harmonies. My favourite electronic track for the week.
  9.  Zyaire RosierBeautiful
    This track has a really nice feel to it. Zyaire’s tone is bright yet hardened, and the track itself is lyrically immersive and with wonderful instrumentation. Looking forward to hearing more from this storytelling rapper.
  10. Kalyan MusicSoul Searching
    It’s tracks like this which make me love what I do: getting to promote incredible music that absolutely deserves a lot more attention. Jazzy, funky and incredibly cool, with a variety of vocalists and instrumental layers, this’ll have you grooving along from start to end.
  11. PLNEmode, Liftin’ Me Up (Ft. Colin Hodges)
    Another funk-filled track with particularly cool trumpet runs, a smooth vocal melody and a synth groove that pretty much forces you to get up and have a boogie. There’s nothing not to love about this gorgeous, unique and diverse track.
  12. Masasolo, Really Thought She Loved Me
    Today we’re ending the playlist on a dreamy, summery track, featuring lush guitars, and a really lovely bass-line and a very Tame Impala-esque vocal melody. Let this one wash over you, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Image: Zyaire Rosier