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Panic! At The Sisqo Perform “The Thong Song” On Kimmel

Panic! At the Disco and Sisqo have formed supergroup Panic! At The Sisqo for a mash-up segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live. They performed Sisqo’s famed (and most likely only) hit The Thong Song to a raucous crowd – and we are so glad they did, because it’s hilarious, and awesome, all at once.

As Kimmel introduces “Mash-Up Monday,” we see the pop-punk band take to the stage – and to be honest, it’s pretty good. They’re clearly loving it – it’s not often you’d get the chance to be so cheeky (lol) with a track like this. Check out lead singer (and by some accounts, only current actual member of the band) Brendon Urie grinning his way through the gimmicky song, clearly unable to contain his laughter at those famed lyrics like “She had dumps like a truck, truck truck.”

Sisqo comes out, and manages to prove that he does have decent singing chops.

It’s a gimmick, sure, but a really good one.

Watch below:

Panic! At the Disco, meanwhile, have just earned their first ever Billboard no. 1 album with Death Of A Bachelor. 

Image: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel