WATCH: Massive Attack Release “Voodoo In My Blood” Video Ft. Young Fathers

Last month, Massive Attack surprised everyone with the release of a wonderful new four-track EP, Ritual Spirit. Their first new release since 2010’s Heligoland, each track was unique and stunning, and each had a different featured guest. The second video to accompany the release has now come out, for Voodoo In My Blood, featuring Mercury Prize-winning Scottish trio Young Fathers.

Starring actress Rosamund Pike, the spooky video begins with Pike alone in a long, brightly lit hall, checking around as though she can feel someone watching her. She soon reaches a point where a hovering ball begins to circle her head, with a fearful sense of suspense and uncertainly. As though hypnotised or perhaps drugged, she soon begins to laugh uncontrollably – with the laughter heard above the music.

The ball soon opens, stabs her eye (the ‘voodoo’ in her blood, we assume,) and she begins to convulse, fall, and writhe about, the ball commanding her every move.

It’s genuinely uncomfortable to watch – particularly when the film clip’s sound effects (such as smashing her head against the floor) can be heard above the music.

Considering we’ve now received two videos from Massive Attack’s four-track EP, they may just be gearing up to release two more yet. On top of this is the rumoured news that the trip-hop legends will be dropping a full new album later this year.

Image: Youtube