Live Review: The Internet Made Melbourne’s Corner Hotel Weak At The Knees

Words by Louella Deville

The Corner has always been a favourite venue of mine; the sound is great, the space is big enough for any international act but intimate enough to be able to see the expressions on the artists’ faces. Seeing The Internet perform there on Tuesday night was by far my favourite performance I have seen at The Corner. Not only was the crowd super relaxed – a mixture of twenty-something year olds from all walks of life – but the atmosphere made you feel like you were in your own lounge room with your closest friends.

In support was Jaala; a local four-piece band signed to Wondercore Island. Their sound of pop and jigsaw rock n roll fitted perfectly with the vibe of the night, amping the crowd for the Los Angeles natives. The crowd went crazy as The Internet took the stage, each member standing proudly and confidently in their role in the band.

Keyboardist Jameel Bruner beamed an infectious smile as the band began playing and out walked Syd tha Kyd, The Internet’s beloved front woman. Camera phones were everywhere and Syd stopped for five seconds to pose for pictures, then glided across the stage cooing to the audience. Her voice was as angelic as her presence even while she threw up her middle finger singing, “You fucked up” commanding the crowd to sing along.

As they moved between Ego Death and Feel Good, the crowd sung along while Syd harmonised with the band. Patrick Paige strummed on the bass with so much indifference I wondered if he even knew he’s on the other side of the world, playing a sold out show to a bunch of twenty-ish screamers. His eyes shift from side to side as he gently sways, playing effortlessly, easily, and naturally.

“Where are all the pretty girls at?” Syd called out, a cheer roaring its way through the crowd as girls jump up and down. “Damn there’s so many pretty girls in Australia,” she went onto say, before Girl kicked in. This song is a love making, soul seducing, and panty wetting jam, and as I looked around, I saw lust in almost everyone’s eyes. The Kaytranda beat is broken down and simplified with Matt Martians giving it a backbone of synths.

Each member was so engrossed in his or her role; you knew you were watching truly passionate and talented musicians. With the vibe of an old jazz band that had been punked up, it’s safe to say, these young musicians have filled a spot in the music scene that we have all been craving, and it’s no wonder their shows are selling out within days. Watching these guys was definitely a highlight to my year so far and I cannot wait to see what they come out with next.

Image by Dani Hansen for Howl & Echoes. See full gallery here.