LeBron James Pleads For New Kendrick Tracks To Be Released

LeBron James has harnessed the collective voice of the internet and pleaded with TDE CEO Anthony ‘Top Dawg’ Tiffith to release the Kendrick Lamar tracks that have graced our eardrums over the past month.

Taking to Twitter, the home of every important business transaction, LeBron pleaded to hear the plethora of tracks that have been performed by Kendrick at the Grammys, The Colbert Report, and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

LeBron is clearly not the first person to demand the release, and it would appear that even a 2-time finals MVP is resigned to waiting like the rest of us.

Even when random Twitterers offer the TDE CEO some hefty cash sums, we are no closer to a definitive release date.

It’s no surprise that the world is collectively calling out for new Kendrick, after the Compton rapper wow’ed audiences with his stunning Grammys performance, which was even declared a ‘masterpiece’ by the Grammys president. Still fresh from sweeping the rap categories at the esteemed awards show, Kendrick is clearly still the king.

LeBron on the other hand, seems quite adamant to have his voice heard regarding the latest hip-hop happenings, with the NBA megastar recently issuing his public support for Nike after Kanye West declared in Facts that the company had paid him a “billi not to run away.”

Hey, if Nike paid me a cool 1 billion, I think it’s safe to say that I would go to my grave defending them from Kanye’s lunacy as well.

Image courtesy of The Wall Street Journal.