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Kanye West Says The Life Of Pablo Will Never Be For Sale

It’s been a pretty quiet week for Kanye West, as he has hosted an album and fashion event at Madison Square Garden, performed on Saturday Night Live, made a video game about his late mother flying to heaven, announced a $54 million personal debt, asked Mark Zuckerberg for $1 billion, had multiple Twitter rants, and has renamed and rejigged his album more times than many of us have had hot dinners. Now, Kanye has declared that his just released album will never be for sale.

In a series of tweets, the media shy Kanye denounced Apple Music and declared that The Life Of Pablo would only ever be available on streaming service Tidal, which is owned by his close friend and collaborator Jay-Z.

The move comes as Kanye explained that his eighth album was made only with love, “so I only expect love back.” He then revealed that he has plenty more music ready to be released and will return to his Good Fridays, which saw him release new tracks every Friday in the run up to a number of his previous albums. In a follow up message, the Chicago native teased a whole host of unheard tracks featuring Kendrick Lamar and Young Thug were all being readied on Tidal.

In a move that was clearly intended to boost Tidal’s popularity, and to entice customers by offering the album as exclusive content, it is yet to be seen how effective The Life Of Pablo was in drawing new crowds to the streaming service. In Kanye’s new position as Tidal salesman, he then encouraged fans and music lovers all around the world to get on the service and listen to his new album.

Image: Stereogum