Kanye West

Kanye West Clarifies WAVES Claim – It’s Not The Best Album Ever

Kanye West has decided that perhaps his eagerly anticipated album, WAVES, is not THE greatest album of all time, just one of them.

The album formally known as Swish, which was formally known as So Help Me God has garnered a lot of media attention for the rapper, not just for its music, but also for it’s strange beef-boiling powers.

Now the artist has taken to twitter to clarify that he means no disrespect to other artist, but more that he just wants to be one of them as well as pay homage.  

Kanye West has been gathering a lot of attention for his music lately, releasing some solid singles which only further fanned the fires for his new album which is set to be available on February 11.

With Kanye West seemingly incapable of staying out of the media spotlight regarding the album, with his constant updates on Twitter as well as just the overall feeling from his fans that it has been too many years since Yeezus dropped, WAVES (as long as the name doesn’t change), is set to be one of the biggest and most highly anticipated album releases of 2016, and it’s only February.

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