Halsey Gives Justin Bieber His Triple J Debut By Covering ‘Love Yourself’ For Like A Version

Bieber fever is still running rampant across the world, but it has been noticeably absent from Australia’s premier radio station that doesn’t play P!nk songs all day long, triple J. However, Biebs has now finally had his break on the J’s thanks to Halsey and her unreal cover of his track, Love Yourself.

Halsey actually features on Justin Bieber’s banger-filled 2015 record, Purpose – the same album that thrust him into the hearts of many unassuming and unprepared yet-to-be-Beliebers (us included). She herself wowed audiences at Falls Festival and a couple of sideshows, and it seems she’s been gearing up for her own crack at Like A Version since then.

The original is a stripped back, stark track that features a gentle Bieber telling someone to basically leave him alone, and whilst Halsey’s take is still in the “stripped back” area with a simple piano melody and some subtle beats, it’s her vocals that really make the cover what it is. Swapping “love” for “fuck” in the chorus, the track gets a thousand times tougher, but also a thousand times better. Considering that Love Yourself has just reached the top of the charts this week, you’ve probably not heard it like this before – but you probably won’t stop listening to it either. Check it out for yourself below!

Image: Triple J