Glenn Danzig Hits The Beach For Goth-Themed Portlandia Episode

Sketch comedy Portlandia has seen no shortage of memorable guest cameos, but footage from upcoming episode “Weirdo Beach” reveals what may be one of the the show’s greatest celebrity outings.

A teaser for the fourth episode of the show’s sixth season shows Misfits and Danzig frontman Glenn Danzig providing co-star Fred Armisen with a much needed education on beach fashion.

With Armisen playing the role of brooding goth, Jeresy-born Danzig inhabits the role of a beach-savvy and possibly vampiric Romanian Radu.

While surfwear endorsements may be a little outside the singer’s usual interest in pulp horror and the occult, Danzig takes no issue with making a lighthearted stab at goth subculture.“Billabong- a bit too fratty” and “some Hurley, you can never have too much Hurley” Danzig muses, while urging Armisen to lighten up and ditch the sullen goth iconography.

Discussing his motivations for appearing on the show with to Rolling Stone Danzig stated:”I’m a big Fred Armisen fan. I love also what he and Carrie [Brownstein] do on Portlandia. They sent me the script one evening after I had just gotten off tour. It was kind of very, like, quick. They wanted an answer really quick because they had tried to get in touch with me but couldn’t. They had already hired somebody else. They were like, “If you want to do this, you have to come up here tonight.” So I read the script and it was just too funny! I had to do it. There’s one line in it that was so funny, I said, “I got to do this.” It’s hilarious.”

Image: Rolling Stone