Future Is Dropping A New Album On DJ Khaled’s New Radio Show

Future needs a holiday after dropping yet another project.

It’s becoming exhausting as a fan to take on a second of Future’s projects over the past year or so. First being Purple Reign, which was released after an epic three solo projects (Beast Mode, 56 Nights, DS2) and a mixtape with Drake (What A Time to Be Alive) last year. But hey, who am I to complain when the man is clearly pure genius?

Now he is set to continue to show off said genius, with yet another project set to drop this week. Debuting on the first episode of DJ Khaled‘s new show, We The Best Radio, on Beats 1, it seems DJ Khaled is determined to expand his ever growing empire.

The two announced the album and the show via Snapchat which you can see below

Khaled followed it up with this Instagram post

A few weeks ago Future treated fans to Purple Reign, a free mixtape that came with no pre-warning. At the time, Future suggested that he was only warming up for the coming main event. This could be that main event.

A lot of fans thought Future might have eased off after a busy 2015, but it seems that 2016 might turn out to be even busier. I imagine this won’t be his last release of 2016.

There are no details available about Future’s project or its availability, so we will just have to wait and smash DS2 a few more times until the release on Friday (Saturday lunchtime Australian time).