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Fruit Of Islam To Guard Beyonce’s Tour If Police Refuse

The Nation of Islam’s (NOI) leader Louis Farrakhan has declared he will offer Beyoncé protection after a police union encouraged officers to boycott her upcoming concert in Miami. Farrakhan spoke proudly of Bey’s Super Bowl performance and triumphantly addressed the officers, “You’re gonna picket. You’re not gonna offer her police protection. But the FOI will.” The FOI being the Fruit of Islam – the paramilitary division of the Nation of Islam.

Farrakhan’s remarks were in response to a statement released last week by the Miami Fraternal Order of Police announcing they would boycott Beyonce’s upcoming concert and encourage other officers to do the same in response to the “antipolice message” conveyed in her Super Bowl performance and the music video for Formation. Their statement comes after increasing unrest in police departments across the US, as well as a failed protest against her, and accused Beyonce of using the Super Bowl to divide Americans by making references to the Black Panthers.

Farrakhan’s speech took place in Detroit at the NOI’s annual Saviour’s Day in front of over 14,000 followers who erupted with cheers at his support for Beyonce. Farrakhan also talked about Kendrick Lamar, saying he “freed rappers to come on up” and that “now when the rappers are free to say it like it is and say what they feel and teach their people through music and rap and song and dance, the cultural revolution is on.”

I’m guessing the small-minded members of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police are feeling pretty awkward right now.


Image: YouTube