Friendlyjordies Unleashes Scathing Attack On NSW Premier Mike Baird In Latest Video

Online comedian/public commentator Friendlyjordies has quickly risen to viral status, thanks to his YouTube videos that are both politically charged, socially observant and also pretty hilarious. Over the past few months, he has become increasingly angry at the current political climate in Australia, with his videos becoming more and more cutthroat than ever, and his latest holds absolutely nothing back.

Taking square and firm aim at NSW premier Mike Baird in the most direct way he ever has, Friendlyjordies launched a viral smack-down today with his latest video. In just under 8 minutes, he strips away Baird’s political spin about his precious lockout laws and exposes them for what they really are – an obvious lie to his constituents and a ploy to funnel more money into his precious casino buddies (who are exempt from the laws). Blasting Baird’s recent Facebook post and his now-proven false statistics, Friendlyjordies gives absolutely no fucks as he goes totally in on the Premier. It makes you almost sick to your stomach as you watch the clip, purely because of how obviously true it all is, and how hopeless it all feels right now.

Brutal, right?

Friendlyjordies is actually set to take his show on the road, hitting Brisbane for Stoogefest where he will partake in a panel discussion about QLD’s lockout laws. It’s also been hinted that he will also be heading to Melbourne and Sydney, with more details on that still to come. See here for more details on Brisbane’s Stoogefest.


Image: FasterLouder