Fetty Wap Is Back At It With New Mixtape And Song

Fetty Wap has got to be the hardest working dude in hip-hop (with maybe the exception of Future), and he is back at it once again with a new single and mixtape. The single is a solo track called Go Hard Boyz (Banshee), and the mixtape is with his Zoo GangZoo 16: The Mixtape.

It is Fetty’s fourth project in less than five months, following his self-titled debut album; the For My Fans EP; and his French Montana collaborative mixtape, Coke Zoo. The mixtape features 17 songs by Fetty, Monty, Oskama, Guwii Kids, Khaos, PNB Rock, Blicky, and more.

Zoo 16 also boasts six Zoomixes, where the Zoo Gang remixes Fetty’s music from previous releases, including the classic My Way. If you love Fetty Wap or any of the Zoo Gang, this mixtape will not disappoint. Listen to it in full below.

Fetty’s new song Go Hard Boyz (Banshee) is exactly how it sounds – it goes hard.

The song is as Fetty as they come, as he chants “Fuck a whip, I bought a Banshee.” It’s good to see nothing, including a motorbike accident in September, will get in the way of Fetty doing and achieving what he wants. I hope he stays safe on that Banshee and continues to produce killer tracks and killer mixtapes.

Go Hard Boyz also comes with an anti-gun message; “Bikes up, guns down,” he raps, later adding, “We believe in bikes, we don’t believe in hammers.” This further adds to Fetty’s “good guy” image (he’s even been classed as a feminist – a rare occurrence in hip-hop), and is in reference to the rally against gun violence called Bikes Up, Guns Down, which took place in Miami on Martin Luther King Day last month.