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Get Ready To Cry, Ewan McGregor Covered “Heroes” By David Bowie

Almost a month following the death of David Bowie, the tributes are still coming in from those whose whom he influenced – aka, you know, everybody.

Now, actor Ewan McGregor has performed a cover of Heroes live during a Bowie tribute concert at The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles last night. McGregor first performed the song in Baz Lhurmann’s 2001 film Moulin Rouge! as part of the wonderful musical piece known as the Elephant Love Medley. He also acted in a 1997 film called Velvet Goldmine, a film which was loosely based on the relationship between David Bowie and Iggy Pop. McGregor played the Iggy Pop character, to Jonathan Rhys-Myers’ Bowie, known as Maxwell Demon or Brian Slade.

Spanning six and a half minutes, it’s an emotional, passionate rendition, one which easily rivals any of those released by artists throughout the previous weeks.

The recording itself isn’t that great, but his delivery and full backing band makes for a spectacular performance. We can only hope to find a better recording soon, of McGregor’s performance, along with the rest of the tribute show, which also featured performances from Seal and Gary Oldman.

Here, watch Gary Oldman performing The Man Who Sold The World: