Drake Has Made An Appearance On The Simpsons… Sort Of

Pop culture is a beautiful thing sometimes.

And yesterday, it truly proved its worth, with none other than Started From The Bottom by Drake being used in the latest episode of The Simpsons.

The episode, titled Gal Of Constant Sorrow, centered around Bart Simpson allowing a homeless woman to live for $1 in his closet.

The woman starts paying Bart a week in advance, and he eventually has enough dough to make a trip to the 98 cents store to stack up on candy.

It is during said trip that Bart transforms from a 10 year old child into the incarnation of Drizzy. Watch below.

Bart proceeds to strut through the candy store with his snap back and chains  on, throwing various types of candy at will into a trolley pushed by Millhouse.

Bart then proceeds to shower is friends in candy, as well as to reap other benefits of the advanced pay, such as stacking up on frozen yoghurt and even taking an extended ride on the car rides at the shopping centre.

It’s been a big few weeks for Drizzy, with a gig at a Bat Mitzvah, making history on the Billboard charts and playing ping-pong with NBA all-stars all filling up his schedule.

Perhaps this latest development will see him make a cameo in animated person on the show?

Only time will tell.

IMAGE: Pages Digitial